Scenic Highway 30A

Redfish Village is situated along Scenic Route 30A, which runs parallel to the Gulf of Mexico for 18.5 miles between Panama City Beach to the east and Destin to the west in the South Walton portion of Northwest Florida.

Traveling along Scenic 30A, whether by car or bicycle, you’ll have more than a glimpse of the beaches’ brilliant white sand and the shimmering sea from the highway. Because of zoning laws designed to keep the focus on the area’s natural attractions, your view won’t be blocked by billboards. Zoning restrictions have also kept Scenic Highway 30A free from strip malls, go-kart tracks, and tall, gaudy storefronts. Instead, along Scenic 30A, you’ll have the chance to connect with nature, shop for antiques, dine on the freshest seafood and produce and explore a mix of beach cottage towns.

Beyond the amazing beaches, the Gulf of Mexico has even more to offer those who wish to connect with nature: sand dunes, dune lakes, wispy sea oats, vast nature preserves, state parks, Gulf breezes and miles of walking and bicycle trails.

Pristine, Rare Coastal Dune Lakes
Alongside the sand dunes adjacent to Highway 30A is a series of 11 rare coastal dune lakes, remarkable natural phenomena found almost exclusively along the Gulf Coast. The lakes are formed by wind and contain high levels of algae and plant life, along with beach and dune sand, silt and clay. Their uniqueness stems from their intermittent connection with the Gulf of Mexico. Through storm or tidal events, water fills the lakes until their damming sands can no longer contain them, and the water bursts through the dunes and empties into the Gulf of Mexico. In return, salt water from the Gulf fills the void left by the lowered water levels of the lake. The exchange forms brackish water and creates a distinctive ecosystem that can change at a moment’s notice. Once the dune lake dries up a bit, the connection to the sea closes until the next event. This unusual natural formation fosters a biodiverse ecosystem with a multitude of marine life species. Walton County is the sixth most biodiverse area in the United States, in large part because of these coastal dune lakes. The dune lakes also serve as a source of fresh water for wildlife bordering the beach and Highway 30A, and provide great spots to canoe, kayak and fish.

Florida State Parks Along Scenic Highway 30A

To fully experience South Walton means to venture beyond Redfish Villege and into the natural environment that is unique to the area. Exploring the thousands of acres of neighboring state parks, one can experience nature at a deeper level. Lowland rivers, bays, lagoons, freshwater wetlands and estuaries take on richer meaning when discovered from within. State park nature trails and campgrounds provide a retreat to pristine coastal vegetation, viewing shoreline birds, surf fishing, boating, and camping, as well as an alternative experience of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

So while Redfish Village and other communities have developed along Highway 30A, preservation of natural areas, zoning restrictions and well-managed growth have added value to the area’s real estate, earning it recognition as some of the hottest property in the United States. Come visit in person to experience for yourself why this stretch of highway is special.